Competition grade brisket smoked for about 20 hours. Feeds roughly 12 people. KCBS 2015 People's Choice Award in Sacramento. 'Nuff said 👍🏻

[pork ribs]

St. Louis style ribs with nine to 11 bones smoked for eight hours and covered in homemade BBQ sauce.

[chicken quarters]

That's a thigh and leg to you 😉

[pulled pork]

Pork shoulder smoked eight-plus hours and then shredded.

[smoked sausage]

Homemade Hungarian pork/beef smoked sausage. True to the craft in East Texas, Hungarians run the table on sausage, as do we. These are 1-inch in diameter by seven inches long. **Please note that this is a specialty item and we will need at least a week to gather product**

[bbq beans]

Ranch-style beans simmered for hours with bacon and a proprietary blend of spices. This is one of our most-requested menu items and always goes first. Trust us on this one.


Shredded raw cabbage and carrots mixed with mayonnaise, fresh garlic, vinegar and seasonings.

[potato salad]

Mustard potato salad with bacon, eggs, onion, celery.

[mac 'n' cheese]

Large elbows, creamy, cheesy goodness.